Harnessing Moments 

of Change

Westbourne River Partners is an alternative asset management firm focused on event-driven investing in European small and mid-cap equities.

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We invest in companies that we believe are mispriced and with a near-term catalyst to drive alpha generation.


Event-driven investing is in our DNA. 
We are one of the longest-running European event-driven hedge funds in the industry.

Reade Griffith

Chief Investment Officer

About Us

We are a European investment business launched in 2009. Our goal is to create investment alpha through a disciplined, repeatable, and research-driven process. We are capacity constrained and focus on maximising investment returns, rather than building Assets Under Management.

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Our Approach

We have a rigorous approach to event-driven equities, using bottom-up analysis to identify investment ideas and paths to value realisation. We invest across a range of corporate events, driven by hard and soft catalysts.

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Our relationship with

Westbourne River Partners was previously the European event-driven equities business of Polygon Global Partners. Polygon was acquired by Tetragon Financial Group Limited in 2012 and its funds and infrastructure integrated into Tetragon’s diversified alternative asset management platform, TFG Asset Management, which today has $41 billion (1) in AUM across nine asset managers. The platform provides Westbourne River Partners with operating infrastructure, and Tetragon is a key investor in Westbourne River Partners’ products.

Finding Opportunity Within Complexity

In Tetragon’s nearly 20 years of allocating capital, we have found event-driven equities investing in the European mid-market to be a complex yet rewarding niche – imperfect markets fractured by borders can create mis-pricings.

Paddy Dear

Tetragon Co-Founder